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Introducing Combo Packs! 

Now you can purchase sets of a variety of biologicals, each suited to a particular pest.

Check the bottom of the thrip, aphid, and spider mite pages for details on how to save on different beneficials as you tackle your pest problem.   

At The Bug Lady, you can find a wide variety of beneficials, including predatory mites, parasitic wasps, nematodes, and ladybugs, for the pests you're seeing among your plants.
For more information about what you can purchase, take a look at our Pests and Products pages and drop-down menus for whatever you may be looking for! We ship Canada-wide on Monday-Wednesday.
If you're looking to buy ladybugs from your local garden centre, please see our Contact Us page for a map of local retailers in Western Canada, as well as for information about how to order and/or get a quote.

Interested in more detailed information about our products and specific species of pests? See the bottom of our Pest Information page for a variety of resources to learn more!

How do I order?

Click here!

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