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Seasonal Products


Pictured above: Adult praying mantis

One of the more well known predators, the Praying Mantis are available seasonally. UPDATE: SOLD OUT UNTIL EARLY SPRING 2020. See our Contact Us page and send us a message via the contact form or email.

We sell praying mantis in pairs of egg cases for $35.00 - see the bottom of the page for pricing - and if you'd like more information, click here for a document with instructions on how to hatch mantis eggs indoors and what to expect.

Another seasonal product we offer are different types of Weevil Control, such as the Weevilution and Cold Shots as listed in the beneficial nematodes page. However, we do have more options for tackling weevils. The life cycle of the black vine weevil is 

that eggs are laid in the summer, and hatch out into larvae starting in mid-August. Early to mid-September is the best time to attack them as the larvae are still small and easier to kill with nematodes, and, if you apply nematodes within that window, the soil temperatures will be ideal for the nematodes to be active.

For weevils, you have 3 choices:  


Steinernema kraussei (Cold Shots) are applied early in the year, during early March before when you would apply Weevilution and when soil temperatures are less than 10-12 C in the day time.

The second species is Heterorhabditis bacteriophora (Weevilution), which can be applied during April and mid-May, as well as during early to mid September - if you apply in September, you can do one application during the first week of September and one during the third week.


The third species is a "new" species, at least out in Western Canada.  We have sold it along with the H.bacteriophora for chafer grub control on turf the past 2 summers. It should work at least as well as the H.b. It is used mostly on white grubs (beetle larvae) in turf in Ontario but these larvae are in the same beetle family as the weevils. This nematode is Steinernema scarabaei  (S.s.) and a pack comes as 15 million, the cost being $65.00.  The rate on the pack is quite high, but as we are going on for weevils, we should instead be cautious and apply at the same general rate as the above 2 nematodes; so 1 pack per 500-750 square feet for use on either chafer beetle or weevils.

These two pests have two different application windows: the best time to apply S.s. for chafer control is during mid-July, and for weevils, early to mid September. 


This nematode in available beginning mid to late July and throughout late summer/early fall; we accept pre-orders throughout June and early July.

Another item to consider is using the soil mite Stratiolaelaps (Hype-O) as a long term strategy to bring your weevil numbers down. It can be used any time, and is meant as a one-time inoculation on your plants, at a rate of 1L per 2,000 square feet. It is used extensively in Oregon nurseries as Robin Rosetta of OSU promoted this use. She popularized this practice but never completed her research paper so this is more of an anecdotal use, taken up by the nurseries as it was of obvious benefit to them.

Praying Mantis:

Egg Cases (2/bag) (22760): $35.00 


Read about how to hatch them and what they eat here!