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How do I order?

If you're looking for smaller ladybug and nematode orders, check below to see if there's a garden centre nearby that you may be able to purchase from. For other products, to order directly from us, our deadlines are Friday at 2:00 for shipping Monday, and Monday at 2:00 for shipping Wednesday (PST), by which time we'd need all your shipping info and payment, whether it be credit card or E-transfer.

But you don't have a shopping cart?

We prefer to get in touch directly with you to make sure that our products are right for you before we confirm your order! Feel free to contact us either via E-mail, the contact form below, or phone.


How much does shipping cost?

**Please note that certain specialized products have different cutoff times as listed in their product page**

Wholesale Services

If you are managing a large greenhouse, running a farm, working for a hydroponics, garden, or flower shop, or anything in that vein, we'd love to get in touch regarding offering our products at larger quantities and wholesale pricing! Please email us at with an idea of what you're looking for to get started.


Map Legend:

Green marker: store has received ladybugs in the past week

Yellow marker: store has received ladybugs in the past two weeks

Red marker: store has received nematodes recently

(Weevilution, Attack Pack, Nemalawn)

★ marker: store has recently received Attack Packs

■  marker: store has recently received Nemalawn

X marker: store has recently received Nemagard

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