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Anystis baccarum 

The Crazee Mite (also known as the Whirligig Mite) is the newest product from Applied Bio-Nomics Ltd. Researched and developed alongside Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Ontario, this large, fast, red mite is quickly becoming the most popular bio-control agent everywhere from indoor house plants to agriculture, floriculture and retailers. It is already being used for both generalist preventative applications against pests as diverse as whitefly, red mites, and psyllids and to wipe out (or prevent) known pests like thrips, aphids and spider mites.


While reared and packed in large numbers, the Crazee Mites require such large numbers of prey that they are quick to spread out and may cannibalize with a lack of food. All mites are female and all mobile stages of Anystis baccarum are predatory. The adults will immediately begin laying eggs and are capable of eating hundreds of prey daily. Eggs are laid in leaf-litter or loose, consistently humid growing media, making cycling possible in most crops. Some others may require regular reapplications.

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Application rates are variable. 1 mite per square foot may be appropriate for both preventative and knockdown depending on environment, plants and prey. Generally, as a starting point, it is recommended that 0.25 mites be applied per square foot for prevention and 2 mite per square foot or more for corrective rates. However, contacting us directly will help us work with you to determine more individually-catered rates of application, tailored to your growing area.


Thrips, Aphids, Spider Mites, Whitefly & Psyllids.

Anystis baccarum 

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50 Anystis Mites (22680): $60.00

250 Anystis Mites (22685): $165.00

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