Beneficial Nematodes

Attack Pack (Steinernema carpocapsae) (25503):

**Now in selected retail stores!** This is the nematode you want for your vegtable garden if you're battling cutworm, root worms, asparagus beetle, cranefly, fleas, flea beetle, and more! Apply mid to late April-late summer.

6 million: $42.00 suited for areas ~500 sq. feet

Nemalawn (Steinernema carpocapsae) (25502):

**Now in selected retail stores!** Takes care of sod web worm, cranefly, fleas in your lawn! Apply May-October.

6 million: $42.00 suited for areas ~1000 sq. feet

Weevilution (currently Heterorhabditis bacteriophora) (25501) :

**Now in selected retail stores!** This popular weevil-controlling nematode has a particular application time, as it's only effective when applied when daytime soil temperatures reach 12 C.  Those application windows are April through mid-May, and then again September through mid-October.

6 million: $42.00 suited for areas ~130 sq. feet

Cold Shots (Steinernema kraussei) (25500):

This nematode is the head start you need on weevil control. Apply it before your first application of weevilution. Check in during early March to see if temperatures are right for first application! 

6 million: $42.00 suited for areas ~130 sq. feet


Nemasys (Steinernema feltiae) (25250):

This is the nematode you want as a soil-drench treatment for both fungus gnat larvae and thrips pupae. It can also be used as a foliar spray to control adult thrips if you're able to keep your plants wet for an extended period of time. 


For more information on nemasys, click here for for fungus gnat control​ and thrips control.

50 million: $75.00 suited for areas of 550 to 1,650 square feet

            Buy 3 or more: $65.00

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