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Pest Information

aphids applied.jpeg


Seeing aphids in your garden? Looking for ladybugs and Aphidoletes for control? Click here!

Click here for root aphid info



Need a solution to get your whitefly numbers under control using parasitic wasps? Click here!

Thrips Control Front Photo.jpg

Seeing different life stages of thrips and/or fungus gnats on your plants and soil? Click here!

Thrips & Fungus Gnats

Spring nematodes.jpg

Beneficial Nematodes

Looking for different species of nematodes to battle weevils, fleas, chafer beetle? Click here!

Fron Page Spider Mite Photo.png

Spider Mites

Experiencing webbing or the beginnings of a possible spider mite infestation, and looking for predator mites? Click here!


Companion Plating & Healthy Control Alternatives

Looking for some reading on companion planting and other tips to improve your garden life? Click here!

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