Welcome to the home of the Bug Lady, where pests and predators are always in balance. Our philosophy is based on Nature's ability to regulate insect populations. Essentially, good bugs eating bad bugs.

In our garden, we find splendor in all the plants and insects we may encounter. We value the tools nature has to offer and work with the environment by using these tools. Once you discover how many good bugs are already at work in your garden you will share our fascination with the natural system. Take a look around and discover what you too can do to improve the health of your own garden and how you can help protect the complex ecosystem we live in.

  •  Healthy Gardens Diversity is the key to a healthy garden. The greater the population of insects, animals and plants the better your garden is protected against disease, pests and stress.
    Take our test to find out how healthy your garden is: click here.

  • Biological controls These are the animals and organisms that occur naturally in our environment helping to keep the pests in check. Some of these native predators and parasitoids are produced commercially and are available for you to apply in your home garden.

  •  Companion Plants Are plants that share a symbiotic relationship with other plants and animals in the environment. The use of companion plants has been a widely accepted method to establish natural colonies of beneficial predators around plants that continuously suffer from particular pests. Why not set up your own mini insectary?

  • Good bugs, Bad bugs which is which? All bugs have their place in nature. Not every creepy crawly you see is a pest. Please review our insect identification page to find what is in your garden.

  •  Pesticides Many insects such as aphids, whitefly, spidermite and scale have developed resistances to many of the pesticides available to home gardeners. Unfortunately, the natural predators haven't developed the same resistance, and when a pesticide is applied you are more often then not killing all the good guys.

Our company grew from the love of gardening and the environment around us. We recognize that the beauty of a garden does not just come from the varieties we grow but also from the complex interactions between the plants and insects.

We believe that proactive gardening leads to a better understanding of the ecosystem and helps diffuse the fear most people have about insects. We do our best to make our products user friendly and fun. We foster the three R's of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle when it comes to all of our business practices. When you purchase products from us, you are more than a client but part of our team helping protect our environment.

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